Benchmark Advocates Marketing Consultancy Case Study

Both having resigned from their Stable and Faculty Services Ltd to pursue a different approach, Benchmark Advocates founders, Thomas Ross QC and Edith Forrest, Advocate, set to create a new brand for their legal services.

They wanted to present differently and stand out in a very traditional market, whilst providing a client-centric offering. Thomas and Edith sought to set themselves apart with a focus on representing clients, but also advising and providing strategic guidance for those facing potential legal issues at the very earliest stage.

I worked with Thomas and Edith to create ‘Benchmark Advocates’ – from the name of the venture through to the branding and purpose of the vehicle.

The founders wished to create an agile marketing entity and sophisticated strategy which would allow them to communicate their offering in a more modern and “digital” manner than that normally adopted by Advocates` stables in Scotland.

We developed a strong visual identity and a website built with Google best practice guidelines in mind, on a platform that can be easily updated and is responsive in design. Essentially this means it will “fit the screen” best for whatever device is being used to view it such as mobile or laptop, reflecting the contemporary trend of accessing information on a mobile device.

In terms of strategy, a content roadmap was developed which would allow valuable content to be created and distributed to the target audience of Scottish solicitors in need of expert counsel for their clients, along with those bodies able to instruct counsel through Direct Access. Value is determined by providing content to that audience which is genuinely useful and of interest.

With the site going live in January 2018, Thomas and Edith are committed to developing their offering and online presence and will be working with AAT Legal on an ongoing basis to achieve this.

The Benchmark Advocates website can be visited here.